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We are offering the opportunity for whisky enthusiasts and savvy investors to purchase their very own private cask of our premium floor malted, charge chamber distilled, single malt whisky.  Ready to mature into one of the most unique single malts ever seen.


250L Cask Purchase Price $3500 (inc GST)
Specialty Finishing Cask $500 (inc GST)


- A 250L cask of new make whisky.

- 45 x 700ml bottles or 62 x 500ml bottles of whisky at maturation time.

- Storage in our secure bond store for approximately 2 years.

- Insurance for the period the whisky is in our control for the initial purchase price.

- The expert advice from our distillery staff.

- Bottling and labelling of your whisky upon maturation.

- Ability to visit your cask at any time to check on the aging process (appointment necessary).

- Full certificate of ownership showing individual serial number and   proof of insurance.

- All excises and GST paid.

- Extra bottle purchase and "Go Again" at a discount options

And most importantly .... Bragging rights!


First we take local, malt grade barley from the Goulburn Valley area, not more than a few km's away from the distillery. Then we malt the grain in house and process it straight into our mash, ready for fermentation.  


When fermentation is complete, the finished wash is distilled through our Charge Chamber Still (otherwise know as a 3 chamber charge still), one of only a handful in operation in the world.  The charge chamber still produces an amazing oil rich whisky that carries with it the fantastic aromas and flavors from the green malt and the mashing/fermenting process.  

Once the new make is rested, it is laid down in 250L ex red wine casks from Goulburn Valley Wineries, that we recooper and char to lay the groundwork for our whisky to develop into something really special.

After filling, your cask will be placed into our secure bond store for a minimum 2 years. A certificate is issued to you, and then upon maturation, we will bottle and label your portion of the whisky. You choose the strength it is bottled at from barrel strength down to 40% ABV. Your portion of the finished whisky is 45 x 700ml bottles or 62 x 500ml bottles of whisky at maturation time (based on 46% ABV). 

Also, upon request, we have specialty casks available from our suppliers, that can be used for finishing the matured whisky as a final finishing process. (at additional cost)

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