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What your purchase includes:


A 250 litre cask of new make whisky.
45 x 700ml bottles or 60 x 500ml bottles of whisky at maturation time.
Storage in our secure bond store for minimum 2 years.
Insurance for the period the whisky is in our control for the initial purchase price.
The expert advice from our distillery staff.
Bottling and labelling of your whisky upon maturation.
Ability to visit your cask at any time to check on the aging process (appointment necessary).
Full certificate of ownership showing individual serial number and proof of insurance.
All excises and GST paid.
Options to fill another cask at a discount price or to purchase additional bottles from the original cask, or a combination of these.
Bragging rights!

Please note that all casks are made to order.  Fill time and certificate issuing may take several weeks depending on demand and current production capacity.  If it is likely to take longer than anticipated, we will contact you directly and ask how you wish to proceed. 

Private Whisky Cask Ownership 250L

GST Included
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