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Black Rabbit -  Down the Rabbit hole

Sam and Fiona Wieland
The Faces behind
the Burrows


Born in Melbourne, Sam and Fiona Wieland have made their home in Shepparton, the heart of the Goulburn Valley. This is where Black Rabbit Distillery has sprung to life, amongst the orchards that produce the finest plums for our house made base spirit.

The Distillery makes as sustainable product as possible while still adhering to principle of making the best alcohol possible both in taste and mouthfeel.

While the distillery looks outside the box for its base spirit, the other botanicals are all tradition. Together, uncomplicated, the traditional and non traditional form a unique product that has something to offer every drinker, whether you like your Gin straight up, with tonic or in a cocktail. Farm to glass and a whole lot of class is what Black Rabbit is all about, with a healthy dose of cheekiness thrown in too because what's life without a bit of fun!

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