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Q: I would like to see the whisky making process. Is this possible?

A: Yes, we would be happy to host you on a brewing or distilling day, we can discuss this option for an additional fee.


Q: Do you offer peat smoked new make spirit

A: Our process for making our whisky with a low carbon footprint and maximum malt flavour means that we don’t kiln dry our freshly malted barley, we can however add peat smoked barley as a percentage of the mash bill at additional cost.


Q: How much whisky should I receive?

A: 45 x 700ml bottles at 46% ABV.


Q: Why does it age so quickly? Usually, whisky doesn’t taste any good under 10 years old.

A: Ageing in 2 years is a combination of two very important factors. The way we process our malt barley combined with our unique distillation technique and the large temperature fluctuations in the Goulburn Valley. At various times during the year, we have very hot dry heat, hot humid weather, and cold frosty conditions in amongst more mild conditions, which causes the spirit to move into the cask wood and back out more, allowing the spirit to take on the character of the cask more quickly than very cool stable temperature places like Scotland and Ireland.


Q: What is the “angels share”?

A: Spirit loss due to evaporation and weeping through the timber of the cask. The rate varies from cask to cask and place to place. We expect around 10% p.a. loss. But this doesn’t affect your bottle numbers.


Q: Will my whisky improve if left longer than two years in the cask?

A: YES! We know that it will be good to drink at the minimum two years of aging. But our extensive testing and experience tells us that the longer the better, however every cask is different. That’s part of the fun and challenge of making whisky! If you would like to leave it longer, that can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Can I take delivery of my whisky sooner than two years of age?

A: Yes, but the two years is a statutory period required before the spirit can be called/labelled whisky. Otherwise, it must be called Malt Spirit and will need to be labelled as such.


Q: Can I visit and taste my cask while it is maturing?

A: Yes, just call us first to arrange a time so we can get it out for you.


Q: Can I choose the size of the bottles by spirit is put in?

A: Yes, we offer 700ml or 500ml bottles.


Q: Is the cost of shipping included in the price?

A: No, Shipping is quoted on after bottling. But we highly recommend making a trip to the distillery in person to take delivery of your bottled whisky it is an experience not to be missed.

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